Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Smiles

Merry Christmas, everyone! I just wanted to share a lovely moment of Christmas spirit that happened yesterday and made me smile.

One of my part-time jobs is at a fast food restaurant that is slightly nicer than some you may encounter. My younger brother, Asher, is also employed there, and we were both working yesterday, Christmas Eve, for the lunch shift.

We were partway through the rush when the phone rang and I answered as usual with my customary, “Thank you for calling…, this is Avital, may I help you?”

The lady on the other end of the line starts off with, “I was just in there…” and my first reaction was of the oh-no-not-another-one-why-do-I-always-get-the-mad-ones variety. However, she continued with, “…and I just wanted to say thank you to Asher for being so pleasant. He really made my day!”

I was so surprised I could barely respond with a “Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to let him know!” As soon as we had a pause, I told the whole crew (all three of them besides myself) what she had said. The immediate response from the females was “Awwwwwww!” My brother, of course, had a reaction more along the lines of “That's so awesome!”

So thanks to one woman who went out of her way to say thank you to someone for making her day, she made my day, and my brother’s day, and our other two co-workers’ days as well. Remember that when you’re making decisions in life you can greatly affect others, so do try to be kind.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Very well written! Your brother sounds like an awesome guy =p

    1. Why thank you, Asher. He is a pretty great guy. In fact, he just so happens to have exactly the same name as you. That's so odd... ;P

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, Jon! Thanks for letting me know it was you. Otherwise I would have tried to explain that my comment on Asher's post was just me being facetious. :)