Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Geek Bunnies

Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to acknowledge that is has indeed been exactly a year since I last posted a blog. Oops, sorry about that.

Secondly, since Gen Con Indy (www.gencon.com-The Best Four Days in Gaming!) is coming up this weekend (Thursday-Sunday, August 14-17, 2014), this is technically my pre-Gen Con post. However, it’s not what I’m going to be focusing on. No, that’s another thing entirely, which leads me to…

My main point, which is… bunnies!

To be more specific, Giving Bunnies. www.urbanthreads.com/bunny

In short, the idea is that you make these little stuffed bunnies, give them name-tags, and leave them places for people to find. Hopefully you brighten someone’s day, or bring a smile to their face. My lovely sister has an embroidery machine and found the lovely website and free pattern that I’ve linked to above. This gave her a wonderful idea.

GEEK Bunnies!

Her idea was that we make several of these tiny bunnies, customize them in geeky ways, and leave them around Gen Con, with my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/avitalelizabethwriter) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/avitalelizabeth) info on the back of the name-tags so we could know who found them (be sure to add #GeekBunnies!).

So we did. I started a list of possible characters to base bunnies off of (it grew too large, we had to leave a lot for next year) and we picked a solid list of thirty-one bunnies to make (this year!). We customized them with different colors of fleece (what they’re made out of), different thread colors, and many tiny accessories. I even knitted several tiny scarves!

Now we’re done with this year’s batch. Thirty-one bunnies are sitting upstairs, nametags attached, ready to explore the Indianapolis Convention Center and Gen Con Indy. Hopefully the recipients will share a picture so we know who got lucky and found them. Who knows, maybe it will be you!

PS-After Gen Con, I'll post an album of all the geek bunnies we made this year, in case you're curious!

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